Http:// or https:// in General Settings - Does it Matter?

Silly question but am new to this. Staging a site that has in the General Setting an http:// for both the
WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). My online site is https://. Can or should I manually insert an s after both http entries to make it an ssl in the General Settings and save ? When migrating the host provider forces it to ssl anyway so am I worrying about nothing ?

Hi @hamishmacmillan,

Considering your live site is using HTTPS, it’s best to set your Local site to also use HTTPS. This will allow you to easily spot any problems with HTTPS before pushing live such as mixed content issues.

Once you change the Local site to HTTPS in Settings » General, go to the SSL tab for the site in Local and click on the “Trust” button. This will make it so your browser trusts the locally created SSL certificate instead of showing a warning. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much Clay
will do :slight_smile:

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