I can't accept the terms and conditions after the update of Local, what is happening?

When i launch the app i can’t accept the terms after the update. How can i fix it ?

There is an almost imperceptible checkbox just to the left of the sentence. Look closely for it.

Thank you kind person!

Hello @ukilopov, it sounds like something unexpected was occurring with the checkbox and we certainly want to figure it out so others don’t run into the same problem you did. You didn’t happen to grab a screenshot, did you? No worries if not, we’re just trying to figure out what’s going on and why it’s intermittent. Any additional details would be greatly appreciated…things like:

  • your OS (e.g. Mac 10.14.5, Window 10 Pro, Windows 7 Home, Linux)
  • are you using dark mode or light mode
  • what you saw, where the checkbox was positioned, and what the checkbox looked like
  • anything else you noticed or thought might be related

Thank you so much! We really appreciate the help.


Hi Crum
The problem was after the update i had to accept the terms and i didn’t see the checkbox that was placed next to the Terms &Cond.
It would be better if you would make the opacity of the checkbox a bit higher because i had to duck under the table in order to see it. Maybe it’s just my monitor…
Never the less i solved my problem.
Thank you for replying!

Checkbox if difficult to see.

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Hi all,

Here’s a quick GIF of how the interaction should go. We’re going to be making some adjustments to this in the next update.

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