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I can't install Cloud Backups

I can’t install Cloud Backups
I’m trying to add the Cloud Backups Add-on but I’m not getting it.
I go to the Add-on screen and click the “Install Add-on” button, which changes to “Installing…”
The circle showing the installation goes all the way to the end and doesn’t change. It gets stuck on the “Installing…” message and doesn’t finish the installation.
I already tried to install manually (Install from disk) too. I went to the repository, downloaded the file, compressed it in .tar.gz format, installed it, it was displayed as installed, but when activating it asks to restart the Local and when restarting it disappears. (The files remain in the computer folder, but the add-on is not displayed in the list)
Has anyone gone through this problem?
I’m using version 6.4.0+5927 and I have the Link Checker, Image Optimizer and Notes Addons installed