Cloud Backups not updating and just hangs

I have the latest version of Local WP (MAC Intel) and can see an update for Cloud Backups.

Cloud Backups tries to update, the progress circle goes about 90% of the way and just hangs, tries a few times with no joy.

Another post suggests going to the releases page and manually downloading, I looked but all download links look to be for Local WP only.

Any help would be appreciated.



Sorry that you ran into update issues, @Andy_Flight.

Download version 2.1.0 of Cloud Backups here.

You’ll need to uninstall your current version of Cloud Backups from the Add-ons → Installed tab:

Local will restart. You can then install the version you downloaded from disk by choosing “Install from disk” on the same Add-ons → Installed tab:

Finally, make sure to activate the add-on by toggling its “Off” switch to “On”, then restart Local when prompted.

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Hi Nick,

Thank you for the detailed reply.

I have now managed to update and all is working as expected.

Thanks again!


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Glad to hear it @Andy_Flight! Thank you for letting us know :green_heart: