I would like to run Localwp Application on by dedicated Mini Server/system

As of now i running LocalWP on Windows laptop, That cant handle the load of Localwp, Now I would like to make that process on out of my Laptop which means I have a small plan to setup a dedicated small server at my home for this operation I don’t have any full idea this is my Thought.

For that I would need to know what all the hardware requirements for that.

If any suggestion or Solution Let me know.

Hi @ilalith

What version of Windows are you on? Just an FYI that the latest versions of Local are no longer compatible with Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

Before you go through all the trouble have you checked out our performance guide below? There are a lot of good tips in there but a couple of Windows specific ones that may also help.

Hey Nick, Thanks for messaging me, I use Windows 11. Thing is mainly I’m planning to use LocalWP in my server. For that I need to know what to do and what all the requirement.

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