[Implemented] Add ::1 to all host file entires by default to speed up Browsersync

I know a number of people are running into issues using Browsersync with the .local domain (it runs horrendously slowly), apparently it’s to do with the IP6 tags and the time it takes to look up the IP each time before the refresh.

MAMP doesn’t suffer from this problem because every time you add a new site it automatically adds a ::1 reference as well as the local IP to bypass the lookups.

So on MAMP we have

::1 domain.local
127.0.01 domain.local

Flywheel does this

127.0.01 domain.local
127.0.01 www.domain.local

Currently the only way for me to fix the Browsersync issue and get it running quickly again is to edit my hosts file each time and manually add a ::1 every time I add a new site which isn’t very practical!

More on the issue here

Would it be possible to get this added?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback!

This is in Local by Flywheel 2.2.2 :slight_smile: