[Implemented] Flywheel Local needs a "Help --> About"

The Flywheel local app needs a “Help --> About” menu entry that would display the current version of Flywheel that is running on the computer. As it is there appears to be no way to know if you have the latest or not (or to tell support what version you are running if you are having problems)

I would also suggest adding a “Help --> Check for Updates” menu option that would run an updater to see if a new version was available.

If your installer does not support this, then I suggest you change to SetupBuilder from Lindersoft. They are one of the top install creation tools in the world and their installs support this. Plus Lindersoft is always great about keeping up with all changes to the OS so that your installers always work as expected.

Just some suggestions!

Thanks for the feedback!

This is available as of 2.2.1 and later.