2.4.2 Doesn't Work At All

Ever since I upgraded to 2.4.2 for macOS the local flywheel app is not working at. all.

There are a ton of postings about this in the community but no one seems to have found a fix. I’ve tried to rollback to previous versions and they’re not working either.

Can the developers at least acknowledge the problem and let us know when a new update will be out to fix this problem? I have client sites to deliver and I’m unable to anything with the app.


Im having the same issue, would love a solution ASAP!

Right, the LBF project is totally ruined (just check the Community Forum) and Flywheel seems to don’t give a - YOU KNOW WHAT -.

Yeah I’ve seen a ton of threads about 2.4.2 not working at all, so far nothing from the developers about fixing it.

Hi all,

I’m truly sorry for the frustrating experience with Local 2.4. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been here in the Community as frequently as I usually am. However, I can promise we’re hard at work tracking down issues and working on fixes. I can say with certainty the Local team and myself take great pride in Local and the last thing we want to do is let down our incredible user base.

We just released Local 2.4.3 and it includes two prominent fixes that should make a difference for most users. You can update to 2.4.3 using the built-in auto-updater or you can update manually by downloading 2.4.3 here: Local by Flywheel 2.4.3

If you’re still running into issues with Local 2.4.3, please open a new thread describing the issues you’re running into and we’ll look into it ASAP.

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I had a feeling that you guys were just as perplexed as the rest of us, but it just felt like there wasn’t any feedback from you guys. Anyway this is very good to hear!

Felt? There wasn’t any feedback for a long time. Just nothing, nada, zero, zilch!
Only now @clay apologizes and again, he seems the only one actively involved.

I have lost my trust in LbF, and it will be a long road to restore it.

Thanks for responding. I’m having the same exact issues with 2.4.3.