Imported database from Another Flywheel Local site and now the url directs me to that site

Hi, I exported the database from a flywheel local website and then imported it onto another flywheel local site. However, now when I pull up the website that I imported the database into it redirects to the site the database was pulled from.

Website I exported Database from: http://runningstartdb.local/
Imported to this website: http://testgit.local/

When you go to http://testgit.local/, it redirectes me to http://runningstartdb.local/.

I cannot login to http://testgit.local/ anymore. Is there a way to fix this?


I ran search/replace in database for old/new domain and that did not fix the issue and I checked the wp_options table in adminer and the url is set to the correct one

This ended up being a browser cache issue, once I cleared the cache the correct site came up