Importing a CVS file

I have a CSV file which I want to import into my database. I tried to just use import, it failed, when I went searching it appears as if SQL files are the only ones you can import using that feature. So I opened up the SQL Command to try an Load the file: I tried
LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘c:\Users\Trent\Documents\RV\SouthCamp.csv’
INTO TABLE Campgrounds

But i am told the file is not found. How might I upload this file of mine? If it is not already apparent, I am new.

Is the CSV file your database or something different?

Local’s import feature is for complete site archives in .zip format

There are many plans to help with this. All-in-one Import is great!

I have a CSV file, which I have since made into an sql table on my local drive which I can access in mysql workbench. I want to use it in my website. In Local, I connected to ADMINER and from there I was attempting to import it.

Eventually I will be wanting to read rows from it to update rows in the wp_posts table and the wp_postmeta table.