Importing a site stalls on Modern Events Calendar plugin

I’ve tried importing a site to Local several times, and each time it “hangs” in the same place. It gets through roughly 75% of the total, and then stalls with these lines in the log file:

info: [renderer/ImportSiteAnalyzePage] Message from import-site-analyze-worker: {“type”:“generic-zip”,“sql”:[“wp-content/plugins/modern-events-calendar/assets/sql/tables.sql”,“wp-content/plugins/modern-events-calendar/assets/sql/install.sql”,“my_wp_db.sql”],“fileDir”:“.\”}

info: [ImporterGeneric] Removing null

My zip file contains the wp-content folder, the sql database file, and the wp-config.php file.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated Log file attached.

Local.log (6.2 KB)