Importing from Back Up Buddy

I was trying to import a live site (making it local to work on) and using a Back Up Buddy zip. It’s not working and I’m thinking it is because I’m not sure what the DB Server Host is, Username, Password, etc. Should be.

Any help would be great.

The database host will be localhost. The IP provided in the Database tab is used for connecting to the database with tools such as Sequel Pro and MySQL Workbench.

The rest of the details (username, password, database) are all the same as what’s provided in the Database tab :slight_smile:

When I use import buddy with the correct setting when I hit test database I just get a constant loading wheel.

Hey Ian ,

When i make a backupbuddy backup and just drag and drop the zip in the latest local 2.0.6
it works. if you try this do you still have problems?


No that worked for me! “if all else fails read the instructions”