Importing from BackWpUp Not working?

I’m importing my very first LBF site, or trying to, anyway! I imported the zip file from my BackWPUp export, but when I click “View Site” it opens a page with the correct browser icon, but the page is blank. The html headers appear to have all the wp stuff but the body is empty.

I used the default import settings, I was going to try again, and use custom settings, but I don’t know what PHP version my site is running. There’s no “At a Glance” in my WP dashboard and my “screen options” button isn’t working so I can’t activate it!

I’m actually just trying to work on the REST API so I don’t really need to view the site; so I went to Postman and tried calling the API, replacing my domain with my local url (https://electro2.local/wp-json/api/v1/stations/1077) but it says “Could not get any response”.

So it looks like nothing is working? Can anyone help? Thanks!