Importing site from Local Sites Folder

Issue Summary

I need help restoring my site using the folders on Local. My computer broke down but I was able to find my site folders from Local site. Is there a way to import these into Local? And will I be able to restore my database

Troubleshooting Questions

  • Does this happen for all sites in Local, or just one in particular? All sites I attempt to restore fail

  • Are you able to create a new, plain WordPress site in Local and access it in a Browser? Yes

System Details

  • Which version of Local is being used? Local 6.1.5

  • What Operating System (OS) and OS version is being used?
    Windows 10

Hey @aysha – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

That sucks about the computer breaking! You might be able to restore the sites from the site files. You can try restoring a site using the files for the site by following the steps outlined in the “Restoring From Only Local Site files” section of this help doc:

Hi @ben.turner, thank you for the assistance. I followed the steps from the document you’ve shared and was able to restore the site. However, the content of my wordpress site is missing; theme, posts, pages. Is there a way to go about this?

If following those steps doesn’t bring along the content, then that means the database wasn’t cleanly exported before the computer broke.

I don’t think there is another way to get that content, so you might need to find a backup or pull that content down from a remote environment.

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