Impossible to add my site made on localwp

I tried to import a local site i made but impossible to do it

Hi everybody. I try to fix an issue but I don’t find any solution.
I made a website using localwp and spent a lot of time to make it in local.
Few days ago, I had an issue with my hard disk so I had no choices to save my datas (and my local site via AppData because the computer was diyng), install a SSD, and re-install windows10 on my computer.
I have afterwards re-install localwp. But impossible to add my site on the new localwp…
Do you know wich process to do to fix that please ?

Version 5.10.3+5332
Windows 1

Hey @Lomax, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local doesn’t do anything in terms of automated backups, so if this computer has a new hardrive, then the only way to get the original site back is to do one of two things:

  1. Create the site again from scratch.

  2. Somehow get the files off the original hard drive. It’s possible that you might be able to restore the site if you can get to the files on the old hard drive. It’s not 100% guaranteed to work, but it’s worth a try by following the steps outlined in the “Restoring From Only Local Site files” section of this help doc:

In the future, a good habit to practice is to stop the site at the end of the day so that Local can export the database to a sql file. This will ensure that you have a good snapshot of the site on disk, and if you couple that with an automated backup solution like Dropbox, (or anything else!) then you can help prevent this sort of data loss in the future.

Thanks to you answer Ben.

I have Everything, the mysql datas ans wp-content notably. I followed the step to set up my site but when i’m in the frontend of localwp, mysql is invisible… and any of the solution of your link works. A message appear sayint the path exist already but I can’t set up the site…

If you are getting an error mentioning that the path already exists, then open a file browser to where the sites are usually stored (by default, in the home folder under Local Sites) and move the folder that is the same name as the site you are trying to import to somewhere like your desktop.

After that has been moved, try re-importing the site and see if that gets you what you need!

As I was unable to fix the problem, I uninstalled Local and reinstalles it. I don’t have anymore the path message but immossible to add my site, I am turning crazy. I followed all the tutorials, nothing works. I moved the folders on locals sites but nothing appear on localwp.
When I try to import or show the path to the sql forldel, the folder is not visible from the localwp frontend…

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