Install would not complete. Now application will not start up

When installing I first ran into the virtualization error. I found the posts to correct that and enabled it in my bios.

Next came the Virtualbox error when trying to start local machine. I’m not sure how it went from not completing the install to trying to start the local machine. It hangs forever in this step and doesn’t go anywhere or do anything. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling - perhaps that made it worse.

I have spent hours reading through all the posts, but nothing works. I have also disabled my firewalls. I’ve included a screenshot of the error I got while the install was running. Please can someone help?

I have uploaded the log file. Please can someone assist? local-by-flywheel.log (32.0 KB)

I’ve finally managed to get it installed. Had to install virtualbox and a couple of other apps to make sure everything was working together.

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Glad you got it sorted! Thanks for following up.