Installation Errror on Win 10 Missing NODE. DLL ...?

Saw a couple of unacknowledged complaints about this error but no responses I have been trying to resolve for two days. Installed problem free on win 10 64 Pro I5 Del 8 G DDR 3 l, However trying to install on newer I7 Skylake 12 GIGS DD4 etc etc HDD and SSD space well above anything required not long after I launch the installation file and it does a brief count down & confirms the installer 8-10 seconds in it halts " Local by Flywheel .exe -System Error." The code execution cannot proceed because node.dll was not found .Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. ??? I have extensively searched the machine I% I installed on no such node.dll file also searched the I7 not present anywhere on this system either. I have redownloaded setup file 4 times tried different setp[ files- Totally Lost can anyone offer some advice/help many Thanks in advance

Hmm this may be stretch ?