Installation of Local 2.4.3 crashes with uncaught exception Error

Error: ENOENT, node_modules\runas\build\Release\runas.node not found.

I’m running on Win10 OS. The install seems to be successful but crashes immediately on launch with the big ugly error shown below. Although I see “Local by Flywheel (32 bit)” running in Task Manager after install there is no application icon on my Windows taskbar. I’ve restarted my machine and retried the install numerous times now. I’m at a loss to know what’s wrong. Any assist is much appreciated.



I’m sorry about the troubles you are having with installation. Are you on Windows 64-bit for 32-bit? Can go ahead try re-download Local? You can find the direct download link here: Local by Flywheel 2.4.3. Any sites you might have will remain unaffected.

Thanks for responding. This issue can be closed. I had to reinstall my OS. Wasn’t a problem with your install or download.