Installing the SOAP Library

There is a Fedex Shipping plugin that uses SOAP and it errors because that library is not installed. Can it be installed?

Any thoughts on this?? The plugin is from Woocommerce so it makes testing locally difficult without that library.


SOAP support will be standard in 1.4.0 which is in the final testing phase.

Sorry for the delay!

It looks like I was mistaken!

SOAP and mcrypt are actually in 1.3.0 already.

To take advantage of them on an existing site you’ll need to switch away from the current site PHP version and then back to it. You may also need to reset the PHP but beware you will lose any changes you made to your php.ini file so you may want to back it up.

Hi there,

I’m using Local 2.2.3 but can’t get SOAP to work on an new install using php7.1.7. I’m getting the following error.

SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn’t load from

In my php.ini I can see the following which looks to be enabled but not sure what else it could be.

soap.wsdl_cache_limit = 5

Could there be something I need to consider?




Considering you’re getting an actual error from SOAP I think you’re on the right track.

I’m honestly not that familiar with using SOAP extension but the following thread on Stack Overflow looks like it might help:

Is this happening with a specific WordPress plugin or are you working with the SOAP extension directly?

I’m wondering if the PHP SOAPclient is available now. We are using a WooCommerce add-on for a South African delivery company called MDS Collivery. Their requirements are:

Prerequisites before installing our Extension:

Any idea if it’s okay for me to install at this point? They say if I do and it’s not ready, that it could cause the site to malfunction.