ionCube loader for Apple Silicon M1

I am using latest version of Local Flywheel on my Mac Mini M1 and the latest MacOS 14 beta (Sonoma).

I am working on a wordpress website and wish to had chance to do it locally using LocalWP.
My project is using several Plugins which are encoded using ionCube. Therefore, I need to install ionCube loader on the LocalWP which is not looks easy!

When I try to install it on the website using Loader-wizard.php it says the loader version ( is not compatible with the os and suggests that I should use which is not compatible either.

Is there any chance that anyone was able to install ionCube loader on LocalWP and Apple Silicon Mac M1?

Any help is appreciated so much.

Hi @prooshani - thanks for using Local!

Have you reviewed this post? How do I install IonCube Loader in a site using the Custom Environment?

It is quite old, admittedly, and I haven’t verified that it works with the latest versions of ionCube and macOS (and M1).

Local’s PHP versions don’t ship with ionCube enabled by default, and we haven’t seen much traction on adding it in our Feature Requests. Which plugins are you using which require it?

@deathruned mentioned they were able to get it working here - pinging in case they might have some insight to share! IonCube Loader - #4 by deathruned

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Hi @austinwendt

Yes, I have tried both mentioned workarounds with no luck.

The plugin I am using is a private one and the author locked the php code using ionCube.

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