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IonCube Loader

Hi guys, I’ve searched all the ways of the internet to install ioncube loader on localwp but not only I didn’t find my answer, this simple installation process of a loader goes complicated for me and the last way I want to try is to ask the question again here.

please help.

Hello @deathruned -

Have you reviewed this thread about how to install Ioncube?



Yes, but it didn’t help me. I found a way by myself that helped me fix this problem. I will add a tutorial soon.

Why is the ioncube loader not integrated with localwp?

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Hi @deathruned!

We’d love to see your tutorial and what worked for you. Also, if you’re like to make a feature request for this so other can vote and comment, feel free to do that as well. It helps us with tracking for future enhancements to the application.