IonCube Loader Installation locally on Flywheel

How to install Ioncube Loader - locally on Flywheel.

system: Linux 1bf64b4b90a7 4.4.74-boot2docker #1 SMP Mon Jun 26 18:01:14 UTC 2017 x86_64
Zend Engine v3.1.0 installed.

I am not a coder but a step by step installation would highly be appreciated.
Thank you all.

Its been 5 days with no response.
Anyone here would like to respond to this section.

“How to install Ioncube Loader - locally on Flywheel”

I highly appreciate your time

I would like to know also. Thanks in advance

Why this topic (IONCUBE LOADER) is NOT as important as the others in this community forum???

I really appreciate if someone do us a favor and not just help me but the Flywheel community to please answer this tread.

I have a plugin that requires IONCUBE LOADER on a site and I am designing it with this requirement locally.

I highly appreciate it if you take five minutes of your time explaining step by step on how to install IONCUBE LOADER on local by Flywheel.

We are two people asking for the same question on this tread.
Thank you again

Hi @clay
Please help us on this thread about the ioncube loader issue on how to install exactly in local flywheel.
Ive tried by best with no success. A step by step would be appreciated.
I appreciate your time. Thanks

@aak @baclaranjoe,

I just created an article here: How do I install IonCube Loader in a site using the Custom Environment?

We’ll look into adding IonCube Loader as a default extension in Local!

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@baclaranjoe @clay
Thank you for the article as a member and a long time user of Local Flywheel on behalf of the Flywheel community I would like for you to add IonCube Loader extension as a default setting in the future update of Flywheel I appreciate you time spent.

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I followed your article and got as far as updating the php.ini file when I noticed that none of my sites have a /conf/ folder.

I’ve tried starting a new test site but I still don’t see this folder. Should I have a setting I don’t have enabled when I create my sites. I’ve being sticking with the “Preferred” setup.


The instructions only work for Custom at this time.

If the site is running Preferred, you can easily switch from Preferred to Custom if you’re using 2.2.4 or newer. If you’re on <2.2.4, you can switch from Preferred to Custom by exporting the site and then re-importing it with the Custom environment.

Hello Clay,
And if I have a Mac installation, where is the folder to save the PHP extension?

I read your article but i still can’t manage to make it work. I don’t see the path that begins with /opt/php/7.3… that you suggested into your article or the path that begins with /Users/runner/work/_temp/local-lightning-php/php-7.x… that is showing from the IonCube loader page. Kindly help me how to go from there. I use Local for Macbook. Kindly help me, Thank you.

Does anyone know of a post specifically for setting up ionCube on a Mac? I’m having the same issues as the last poster and I can’t seem to find a guide anywhere about the specifics for ionCube, Local, and a Mac.
My ionCube installer had generated a link for me to download a version of the loader with dar in the filename. The paths mentioned below that contained mac, but still I don’t know exactly what to do to get this loader properly installed and which file to use. Any help would be appreciated.

Best wishes,

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