IPv6 Loopback option not working on 3.0.2

Hey there. Just did a fresh install of 3.0.2 and the IPv6 Loopback option isn’t working. Whan I click the toggle it doesn’t activate, but the Apply button goes green Clicking on Apply, nothing happens. The IPv6 Loopback option never gets activated. Cheers!

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I am having the same issue.

Not been working since 3.0.0, Yet to see any replies on the topic at all.

If it´s a known issue, why isn´t anyone taking care of this?

  • it´s horribly slow

Same problem here

Just checking to see if there are any updates on this issue? For now, I am updating the hosts file via Terminal, but hope that is not the long-term solution. :slight_smile:

That was fixed in 3.0.4, cheers!