Is there a way to save everything about a site and load it again later?

I create a few microsites every now and again.
I like creating them in Wordpress and then use a static generator
to spit out files i stuff in Netlify.

So let say I am working on “
I got it all nice, made my static version,
Now I dont want to think about it anymore,
Until I have to.

I would love a feature in local that is
“Save Absolutely Everything to a zip file”
Content/Config/Customization/Javascript/database/plug-ins etc.

Then I can take all that save it off in the cloud.
and not think about it at all.

Next time I have to work on it, I might be on a different computer
or different place all together.

I install local find my zip file, load it all up, make edits,
generate static, save file, stuff it to the cloud.
then rinse and repeat.

There would be many of these microsites.

I guess I can use a blueprint, plus some database backup and some other backup for file changes?

But is there a way to have a nice button work that way?

What about the Export feature?

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As Scott says: Export the site to a zip file.
Deleting the site in Local and re-importing at a later stage is a simple drag-and-drop affair and works in 99% of all cases without any troubles.
One thing to be aware of is that .zip archives inside your site, e.g. a folder of child-friendly penguin images, will not be added to the exported site archive using standard settings.

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Ah thank you.
I should have tried that before posting here.

Great,. I should have tried that before posting.
Thank you for the tip on something not being included.

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