Issue with Windows not resolving IP when uploading to server

So I spent a good 2 hours wondering why I couldn’t access my website, that I recently uploaded to my server from Local, on my home computer, but could access it from my smartphone and laptop. After a lot troubleshooting, I found this within my “hosts file” in Windows.

Local by Flywheel - Start #Local Site

Local by Flywheel - End

Once deleted, I was able to access my site from my home computer. Is there no way to tell Local to remove the command line from the host file when I’m ready to upload the files to my server? This seems like common sense to me.

NOTE: The main reason I wanted to try Local by Flywheel is because I heard I would be able to test/view my site as well as the WP admin quickly (almost real time). That was not the case. My WP admin and the website itself loads a tad slower than when I do everything on my VPS server.

It no longer makes sense to me to construct and test my WP sites with Local. It gives me no speed advantage whatsoever.