Issue with WPEngine Push from Local

The Push to WPEngine feature doesn’t seem to work all that great. I pushed the site to a fresh install and it didn’t upload from local one of the uploads folders months. Suffice it to say, the site did not transfer correctly and was pretty much all messed up. Tons of 404 errors. I pushed the site several times as well. The uploads folder already existed so not sure if that is one reason why. It didn’t upload some of the uploads/elementor style sheets as well. Any ideas?

Having the same issue, a push to a clean wpengine site install. It seems to make the uploads folders OK for me, but no images in there. Permissions on the folder(s) seem to be 775?

Sadly I had to do everything manually which is a headache and usually results in lots of extra work like tracking down urls to change etc.

The image paths seemed OK for me, I was able to just upload my local /uploads/ folder up to the staging site via (s)ftp. Not ideal, but workable for now.

If you were getting 404s with links to pages etc, re-saving the permalink options page usually resolves that :+1: no idea about elementor stuff I’m afraid!

Thanks for the update. Hopefully someone from the Local team will chime in on a fix. Maybe in a nightly build?

In your install under /app/public/ you’ll need to show hidden files. When you do you’ll see .wpe-push.ignore open that file and put a # before /wp-content/uploads/ and your push will then not skip that folder tree. :+1:

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