How to ignore certain folders from pull and push in WPEngine?

I dont want certain folders to be pulled or pushed from WP Engine
Is there any way we can exclude certain folders from being pulled or pushed? something like gitignore where it ignores the files/folders when pushing to GitHub


is this possible?

I have only just started using Local after using WPEngine’s DevKit product (which was great, even though it was CLI-based). I don’t see why this wouldn’t apply to your situation as well.

A .wpe-push-ignore and .wpe-pull-ignore file in the top level directory for local sites regulates push/pull to WPEngine.

More information can be found on Step 3

I think this might be different, can anyone from Local team confirm if this is going to work?
since the option to push to WPEngine will push everything

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anyone from flywheel can help me with this?

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anyone from @wpengine team?

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Anyone look at these posts who can help? Would love to know the answer to this.

anyone? there are multiple topics here regarding this and no answer :frowning:

no help? please can someone look into this?

I appreciate the work you guys put into local and this is a great tool, but pushing to WPEngine is not possible in my case because I am using node packages and if I do push to WPEngine the entire folder gets uploaded, can you please please look into this? add a simple option to ignore a folder similar to .gitignore :face_with_head_bandage:

Thank you everyone

anyone from WPEngine can please look into this?

WPEngine support confirmed that .wpe-push-ignore and .wpe-pull ignore will work for directly pushing/pulling between WPEngine and Local.

Local’s integration with WP Engine was built on top of devkit, so most of the rules still apply, including ignore files. See this helpful WPE documentation on excluding files from push or pull.

Check your local site files first. They are probably already there.

Sites pulled in Local automatically create the .wpe-pull-ignore and .wpe-push-ignore files with default settings. Locate the file in your site directory – typically in ../your-site/app/public.

Note: If you don’t immediately see it there, make sure you can see hidden file types, which are not displayed by default in your computer folders. The push and pull ignore files are hidden file types, which basically includes any file or folder whose filename begins with a period.

A quick Google search will tell you how to show hidden file (the article linked above also has info for this):


Can .wpe-push-ignore work even though we are using git for version control and if everything on git is eventually pushed to wpengine

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