Issues Editing pages after migrating to my host's WP

Issue Summary

Can’t edit with Elementor (Free Edition) After Migrating site from Local by Flywheel

Troubleshooting Questions

Very first time doing this, so I have tried copying the details in the Permalink page to the .htdoc file, Spoke with my hosting company who said that Flywheel attach files that need to be manually deleted (Not sure which ones these are?)

I have uninstalled all plugins except Elementor
Tried to deactivate the Theme and used a WP one
Tried plain Permalink
Not working in Incognito Mode on Google
Not even able to edit this in Safe Mode
Cleared Cache


Hey @Alto72 – welcome to the forums!

They didn’t tell you what needed to be removed? That’s pretty unhelpful.

I don’t use Elementor, but a quick google search seems to point me to the elementor documentation for your issue:

You might try some of the things within that doc to see if that helps get things cleared up for you!

I have used LocalWP and Elementor for 3 years and I have never had a problem. But over the past 2 days I have gotten the same issue that @Alto72 is getting. LocalWP is up to date as well as Elementor. Only using Hello theme and no other plugins. I added define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’); but that didn’t seem to help. This maybe an Elementor problem, so I have asked in the Elementor FB group if anyone else is having this issue too.

Welcome to the Local forums @awakekat !

Thanks for letting us know! I’d be curious to know if others have more info.

In your usage @awakekat – where are you deploying the site to?

Were you able to work through some of the suggestions in the help doc I linked to earlier?

Hey Ben,
It was an Elementor issue. They recently release some beta features that you can turn on and off. The Favorites widget was causing the gray screen of death. Once that widget was turned off the pages were loading fine.

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Awesome! Thanks for following up with the solution!

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