Issues with absolute to relative URL's for background images (now with screenshots to explain)

Hey, thanks for this fabulous application I discovered some days ago. Great product! :slight_smile:

I get an issue with images set in background with themes like Beaver Builder, GeneratePress and in combination with different page builder like Beaver Builder Plugin and Elementor.
When I use the ngrok publishing possibility, images in background (rows, columns) keep their absolute url and doesn’t appear remotly. I checked the issue of the absolute URL with development tools in Chrome.

I tried different plugins to change the absolute to relative URL without success.

Please see attached screenshots…Uploading…

Thanks for helping!

Are these backgrounds hard-coded into .css files or are they inline styles?

Depending on what they do we may be able to use a hook to fix it :slight_smile:

Sorry Clay, I was uploading some screenshot to explain the issue!

please could you see now the website

There is an image in the background just behind the three images

In my opinion these background are inline styles, as we change them simply as others images in media library, but my skill is very limited in css.

Many people uses these background possibilities to display photos, galleries… in callout modules and more…

Please what can I do for helping?Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

I cannot upload my screenshots to explain the issue, always freezing with “uploading” at the bottom right of this window, sorry!

Please screenshots attached, thanks

URL of backgrounds image keep his absolute URL and not translate in “” URL

Looks like they’re hard-coded CSS files. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do on our end without adding a ton of complexities to intercept CSS requests.

If you’re in touch with them I’d recommend they use relative URLs or provide some hooks to change the URLs in their generated CSS.

Clay, thank you very much for your answer. Yes, I am in contact with them as a regular user of these themes and plugins. I will submit tickets to see what solution they can bring and I will keep you informed of progress.

kr Jean-Luc

Same issue for me and the issue is the path of their CSS background images that are using absolute path instead of relative paths.
Please follow that ticket I just created :