Issues with Default Browser List

I love that you added the default browser selection feature, currently there are some issues I’m having with it.


  1. Firefox is in the list but not selectable, it is grey and when I mouse over that option in the dropdown list there is no hover effect, as it’s clearly not a selectable option. I definitely have FF installed, the latest version.

  2. In the browser selection list Edge and Chrome are both selectable options. But when I select Chrome it opens Chrome Canary instead of Chrome. Perhaps it would make sense, if possible, to add the dev editions of browsers to the list as well, so there’s a truly comprehensive browser selection? And obviously Chrome should at least say “Chrome Canary” in the selection list.


Running Local Lightning version 5.7.2, Windows 10.

P.S. I think one of the reasons there can be issues with Local Lightning and Windows, is that the user in Windows isn’t always the admin. In my case, the user is NOT the admin, as this actually gives me an extra layer of security. If someone hacked my user and gained access, they would still need to know the admin password to do much of anything once they had access. This unfortunately means there can be issues with programs having the appropriate permissions, since the user is not the admin. Hope this helps.

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