Issues with Divi theme on Local

Hi, I’ve tried two new sites on Local installing Divi and so many of the features don’t work like hexa color modules, and background images making it unusable. Any Ideas???

Hi @korrieschubert,

Can you please provide screenshots or a screencast of the problems you’re running into with Divi? Also, are there any errors in your browser’s console on the pages where Divi isn’t working correctly?

Hi Clay I’m going to deal with that tomorrow, but have a question, can the
live links not be sent by email because they won’t open when I do that. Do
people need to have local downloaded and if so, how do get them the link if
can’t send via email? Sorry

Hi Korrie,

When sharing a live link you just need to ensure your computer that has local is left running. Closing local, or your computer, would terminate the link you just generated from working.

The end users don’t need local to access the link, they just need to use their preferred web browser.

As its a simple URL you should be able to send it by email, but remember to leave local and your computer running!

When you’re ready to end the test session, just click disable live link when you’re done!



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i get the same problems

Hi guys ,

Goto Divi - Theme options - Builder - Advanced - Static CSS File Generation and disable the Static CSS File Generation and save the changes.

I hope this will work !