Issues with pulling site from WP Engine

Received really vague error message

Here’s my error log
local-lightning.log (74.7 KB)

It still shows it in my Local Sites but shows Access Denied when trying view the site. I also try to pull down from WP Engine and it hangs on “Changing Site Domain”

I’m on Windows 10 fully updated up to the date of this post.

A few of us are encountering the same / similar issues; more details can be found here:

In my most recent attempts, re-trying a couple times will solve the issue or if you pull a backup from WPEngine and drag the zip file into Local, that’ll set everything up as well. Not perfect, but could atleast get you up and running. :slight_smile:

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I’ll try that, however, it seems I’ve run into a permissions issue while attempting to delete the site folder. Did a quick search on this issue but couldn’t find any working solutions.

This is an error I get when trying to update the permissions of one of the folders

Still having issues even after updating to version 5.2.5

Also, not being able to delete these failed installs due to permission errors is starting to become a problem. Can anyone from the actual LocalWP team help me??

I see this issue as well :frowning:

Any luck in finding a fix for this?

I gave up at version 5.2.5 and started using DesktopServer. I’ve had no response or support from anyone at the localwp team and do not have the luxury of sitting and waiting for assistance.

Pulling from wp LiveSite, results in two scenarios…

  1. include the DB (using checkmark box in localWP)
  2. w/out the DB (no checkmark box)

When imported w/out DB import checked, received a successful import message in localWP app, but still an error navigating to the local site

Error Indicators

  1. autoload sql
  2. wordfence in wp-content/pear for PHP

any help with this?
already tried whitelisting localWP app
changing Site domain scheme in localWP from domains and local

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