Just a few questions from a newbie to Local working

Hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions about Flywheel Local?

We are about to start building a new website for a client and noticed all the hype about Flywheel Local.

Now I tried to instal a local server setup early last year, it was just too much trouble.
We have always used sub domains for new site development and while I know many don’t, it’s just easier :slight_smile:

Using Flywheel local I am a little nervous about, I worry if we create a whole new site and something should go wrong we’ll lose it.


I have installed Flywheel Local and all seems ok.

Can I ask, what are the Start All and Stop All buttons at the top right for?

Sure I can see the demo URL and tested this on another machine.

I’m guessing I can backup the file (site) I can see this has created as presently its located in /Local Sites/

I just upload theme, plugins and work from there as I normally would?
When the site is completed, I just export it and send to Flywheel and you add or we can upload to another host?

How do I export this site when completed?

Sorry for what seem simple questions. This is a very unfamiliar environment however everyone I see comment on posts ref Flywheel Local say it’s a god send :slight_smile:

Regards, Pete

Local is built to keep your data safe. Whenever you stop your site the SQL data is automatically saved. Also, Local is a lot more reliable than your typical Vagrant setup.

The Start All and Stop All buttons are simply there to start or stop all of your sites at the same time since you can turn them on and off individually.

You can backup/export your site any time you want by right-clicking and then going to Export. You’ll get a nice zip that contains all of the site files as well as the database.

To deploy your site we recommend using something like Duplicator or BackupBuddy. We’ll have deployment capabilities in the future :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Cley,

Thank you for clarifying those few things.

I’ll give local a go with our next site development and see how we get on.
It all seems very easy and convenient.

Can I ask, can you access local via FTP?

Thanks again, Pete :slight_smile:

Hi Clay,

Regarding Stop/Start, is it best practice to click Stop at end of day when I no longer need to work in the dev? Or does it not matter?



This is especially a good idea since Local will turn off the virtual machine when you close out of it and no more sites are running. This will free up your RAM, CPU, and battery (if you’re on a laptop).