Keep all sites activated?

Hi there,

I’m moving from MAMP to Local. Using MAMP, I was accustomed to being able to open every local site at all times, since MAMP doesn’t even offer a switch to activate them individually.

Now I’m moving to Local, I was wondering how this works with Local performance-wise. Is it OK to keep all sites activated at all times, or is it better to actively manage which site is activated?

Hi Dominique,

Every site in Local has its own Docker container, web server, database server, and PHP-FPM process pool. MAMP shares one web server and database server between all sites.

Whenever a site is turned on in Local, it means the site’s Docker container is running and is using resources. However, a site that’s simply turned on and not being used will use fewer resources than a Local site you’re visiting in your browser.

TL;DR: Your best bet is to only have the sites you’re actively working on turned on :slight_smile:

Hi Clay,

Thanks for answering my question, the outcome is as I expected.
I already tried to turn on 25 sites at once and the result was that I couldn’t reach any of them, not even after 10 minutes of waiting.

It’s not a real problem, just a change in workflow.

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