Link to Admin dashboard for non standard wp-admin url

I always use custom admin url’s on my projects.
Since I’m pulling the db from production from time to time, my local setup is also using custom wp-admin urls.

Is there any way I can change the WP Admin url from the local sites project to match the Wordpress setup from this site?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @pbuechler!

Are you talking about matching the Local domain 1:1 with the live site? Or just so that it has the same slug for the WP ADMIN?

The same issues that plague live WordPress sites as far as login spam to the default WordPress path aren’t really a concern with your Local site since it’s only accessible from your machine. So matching that slug wouldn’t really be necessary as a security concern. If I’m misunderstanding your ask or if you have other details/questions please let me know though!

Hi Nick,
thanks for your answer.
I’m talking only about the slug for WP ADMIN.

local: website.onlocal/non-default-wp-admin

I totally agree with you that it’s not necessary for local boxes.
However, since I copy the live db to local from time to time it gets overwritten, since the non-default slug is stored in the db.
So I thought there is a way to also change it somewhere for the Local Sites UI button.
It’s just a matter of lazyness after copying the db from live to local. :slight_smile:

We don’t have a built-in option to change it if that’s what you’re after, but we do have our One Click admin feature for example that when enabled should take you right into the backend of the WP site. So if the issue is just that it’s taking extra steps after clicking the WP Admin button if it’s not finding the right slug, you could try that.

Or is the issue that when you move the site out of Local, the slug is changed and then has to be updated again?

How do you change it on the live site are you using a plugin or some other method?

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