WP Admin Site and Local site are different

What issue or error are you experiencing?

The two upper right hand buttons WP Admin and Open site do not display the same website information. I am not clear as to the correct site to edit as it is possible to edit either one. Am i suppose to select WP Admin and edit the wordpress site there and then somehow link it to Local?

What steps can be taken to replicate the issue? Feel free to include screenshots, videos, etc


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Hello @ColesLocalLocal - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

Are you familiar with the WordPress infrastructure?

WP Admin refers to the admin dashboard (backend) of your WordPress site.

Open site will take you to the local site (front end).

You would use WP Admin to log in as an admin and make edits on your website. That button is just a helpful quick link in Local to get you to {yourdomain.local}/wp-admin.

Let me know if that helps or you need any other clarification!


Thank you for your help.

Yes I am new to wordpress and Local hosting on my pc.

I have used dreamweaver in the past with success.

I do understand what you are saying.

So I should not be building the site on the backend (WP Admin).

If I have already built the page on the back end my guess is there is no way to move it to the Front end.

IF so, I don’t know how. Your thoughts are helpful.



Hi @ColesLocalLocal -

These are all great questions, since you’re relatively new to WordPress I would recommend a few resources for you:

The WordPress official documentation:
There are really great videos + articles on the docs site that walk through the basics of WordPress (and I think would answer a lot of your questions).

Building a Website from the Ground Up with Frost:
This resource is good if you just want to dig in and start building. In this video, Brian is logged in to wp-admin and is building using a WordPress theme called “Frost”.

Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, and I’m so happy to know you’ve found Local as you’re exploring. :green_heart:


Thank you for the link.

I hope it will answer my questions.

If not I should at least be a bit more knowledgeable.

Have a great day,

I will keep searching and learning.

Every time Brian updates his WP backend his front end updates, and mine does not.

That’s what I am mainly concerned about.

newwebsite.local is the site that populates when I press “View website” on the local dashboard

newwebsite.local/wp-admin is the site that populates when I press WP-ADMIN

When I make the changes to the pages on WP-ADMIN they do no affect the .local website pages.

In the demos I have watched the make changed in the WP-ADMIN and the .local site is changing.

The protocol in the latest version seems different and forced to http: even though SSL is enabled (trusted) and [at least in OSX] set to trusted in Keychain…

Changing the domain does NOT resolve this issue

Are you suggesting that I try to run it only as http. not secure as they have been suggesting?

No not at all. I think that a bug and posted about it. Double-check your database and take a look at the wp_options table and the options names siteurl and home. They might be set with https instead of being set with https… Restart, you may still have to manually enter the ’s’ when you visit the front end, though.

Hi @ColesLocalLocal

If possible could you share some screenshots or a short video using Loom or similar that shows what you’re seeing? That might help to illustrate what things look like for you and what you might need to troubleshoot or how we could replicate from our end.

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