Live Link: Enabling & Logging In

I’m using Local version 6.0.0_5444 on a Mac desktop.

When I enable Live Link, copy the URL and paste into a browser I am asked to log into What is this site? How do I get login credentials?

I would really like to resolve why I can’t get a URL to send to my client to review their site.

When I enable Live Link and copy and then paste the Live Link ( I am taken to the minor-scale site and asked to login.

What is minor-scale?

How do I get login credentials?

Why don’t I get a URL to send to my client?

When the site is selected in Local, go to the Tools tab and select Live Links.

Thank you.

I’ve followed your instructions and attempted to log into the local site ( with the username and password in Tools. After attempting login several times on Safari and Chrome, I continue to get messages that “Safari can’t open the page” and from Chrome " redirected you too many times." Advice?

Will my client have to login as well?

Still not able to log into to see live link. Further instructions?

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