Live link not working properly

I am using Local by Flywheel on a PC (Windows 7)
WordPress 4.9.1
template: child theme from Tempera
plugins: Zen Menu logic, Formidable Forms, Cryout Serious Theme Settings.

I’ve got a problem watching to my site through Live Link
either with Firefox 48.0.2 on a Mac or with Chrome on a smartphone

  1. On the first page, there is no picture displayed (header nor slider), the menu is vertical instead of horizontal, no layout… as if there is no CSS loaded.
  2. the menu doesn’t work properly : each link drives you to an unknown page.
    Maybe it is because these url are beginning with the site domain name which is unknown on internet…?

Thanks for any help.

Hey @klamk

That does sound like a the CSS is being prevented from loading.

If you open the browser console when looking at the site over the live link, are there any errors?

– Ben