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Live Reload Plugin Doesn't Support Reload on PHP File Change

I’m amazed that the live reload plugin only reloads on css files. Thousands of people write CSS classes inside their php files, and not having this feature makes the entire plugin useless and live reload while using Local WP impossible. Any CSS framework (Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma) would have utility classes, and even if you somehow aren’t using a framework, you would still likely be writing CSS utility classes inside your HTML or PHP files.

This plugin needs the feature to accept other file types. This isn’t just a feature request; this plugin is practically useless to 90% of devs without it. It’s like a car without a steering wheel. This isn’t a feature; it’s a necessity.

I saw a few topics were opened with no replies from support and then automatically closed. Here is an example thread: Instant Reload when changing theme php files

Thanks in advance, and let me know if you have any questions.