Instant reload for other files

All my WP builds involve PHP and JS mods, as well as SASS/CSS. It would be helpful if instant reload could be configured to watch these files as well.

At the moment Local does not add enough value for it to be more useful than my existing build environment, which is XAMPP and gulp. Instant reload for php/js would tip the balance.

Definitely need to extend Instant Reload to php files yes!

Hello @Zac - first of all, welcome to the Local community!

Thank you so much for the feature request, I’ll be sure to pass this along to the Local development team.

Extending the instant reload feature sounds like a lovely addition!

We appreciate you,


I am running Live Server and Live Sass Compiler in VS Code. Css changes are handled very well by Instant Reload however, I wonder if I can trigger auto reload on php file changes by adding the local address as a proxy in the Live Server settings. Or is it possible to make Instant Reload also watch for php changes?

Thanks in advance for any leads

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I have managed to get this working by using WPgulp in the theme folder. I was still hoping for a less complicated method.

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I really hope it will be available too !
It makes really sense to be able to auto reload on php file change…

Please Flywheel team, consider this :pray: (even if we have to configure some settings files manually)

i would appreciate a share on that solution