Live Website access refused after testing Local

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Live Hosted Website access refused after testing Local.

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Hi, I was having problems with my Host provider and i installed LOCAL to see if I could test the process of recreating the site with a recent backup. The plan was to buy new hosting and start again using the backup.

The problems with my hosting are now resolved but my computer which had Local installed isn’t able to open the live website anymore. I just get a refused to connect ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

The problem is only on my PC so I’m guessing my PC is trying to access local instead of the live hosted website.

The live-hosted website can be accessed from any other PC or phone.


I’ve tried using another browser and i have the same problem. I cleared my browser cache.
This error is only on my PC.

System Details

Windows 10

Hi there @chilli - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

To clarify, if you head to on your PC you’re seeing the Local version of the site instead of the actual live one, right?

By chance, did you update your site URL in local to be

If you view your site settings, you can see the Site domain here:

Shared with CloudApp

Let me know! If you did, that may be causing the issue as your PC is associating that address with your Local site.


Yes, that is correct. I understand that’s not what you do now.

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Hi @chilli -

Got it! Are you all set on this question?



Hi, I still can’t access the live version of the site as it seems to default to looking for the localhost.

I deleted site data in chrome and cleared the browser cache.

Any suggestions would be great

Hi @chilli - did you update the site domain in Local to something else?



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