Local 2.2.4 (Title must be at least 15 characters)

Did y’all cut the budget on Local? I haven’t received an update in awhile.

I hope not, because it is one of my favorite tools. I’m willing to pay.

Hi Daniel,

Nope, definitely not :slight_smile:

Local 2.3.0 and Local 2.3.1 have been released since 2.2.4 and are currently pre-releases since they contain some very large changes.

If you’re interested in trying out Local 2.3.1, you can download it here (make sure you back up your sites first!): Local by Flywheel 2.3.1 (Pre-release)

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Thank you, @clay! I would ask if it is reasonably stable, but I know that you wouldn’t do a pre-release if you didn’t think so. I will give it a try. Great product.

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