Local 2.4.2 clean install

Ok this is getting annoying. I’ve been unable to do any development since updating to Local 2.4.2 and I’ve tried:

  1. Contacting support - they just re-direct me to the community page
  2. Disabling Faster Docker Volumes - didn’t work
  3. Powered down VirtualBox and turned on - didn’t work

So I just want to perform a clean install of LbF and VBox like my machine has never had LbF before. How do I do that???

I’ve uninstalled both. I’ve deleted the “Local Sites” folder, I’ve deleted the “Local by Flywheel” folder under “AppData”. What else do I need to do so that I can perform a true clean install of Flywheel?

Tons of us are right there with you. I haven’t seen any fix that has been fully working. Every work around I’ve tried has created other issues. I have spent hours on Flywheels live chat about some issues, only to find other created problems. This is beyond frustrating. I’m almost to the point of looking for a new host…

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The last version of Local that worked for me without any serious issues was 2.3.3. I just reverted to that version and all 7 of my sites on Local are back up and running.

Local could be such an awesome tool, but it definitely does not have enough development resources. And yes, I too would pay for a Pro version to help add more dev resources and better support. Throwing support people alone at it will not help much. They need more developers and testers.

I have been a Flywheel hosting customer for over 4 years and the hosting performance and support are exceptional. They should bring Local up to the same standard.
Also, in making Local free for everyone (even non-Flywheel customers,) Flywheel is exposing outsiders to a continuous flow of issues with Local, and that has to reflect on the overall opinion of Flywheel from those outsiders.


@NdnaJnz I for one are in that category. I’m not a Flywheel hosting customer, but seeing the mess they make of LBF, I wouldn’t trust their hosting at all.

And, the current development state of LBF would also not make me pay for a Pro version. I mean: you need to trust a Free version, before you upgrade to a Pro version.

I am perfectly fine using my own MAMP, etc. local site development. I have dabbed on and off with LbF over the past ~1.5 years (since they acquired it) and the only thing I find it useful for at this point is checking different versions of PHP and MySQL. Otherwise, my own local runs just as fast and without any issues.

I honestly don’t know how the rest of you are putting up with all these problems on a daily basis. Install a server on you local machine and away you go. It’s not rocket science.

Thanks for the condescending response. The attraction for many of us designers is the ability to build on local and then push changes to our live flywheel server seamlessly. I have recent just went back to MAMP, but the workflow of making changes, testing new code, and then migrating databases is vastly more complicated and time consuming than it was with LbF when we can just ‘push to flywheel’ and it’s done. Alternatively, many of us don’t have the knowledge to take what we’ve built and just move databases over to MAMP as if nothing ever happened. LbF was a tool for ‘non-developers’ to develop websites in a local environment and quickly and easily migrate them to their flywheel account.

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Joshua -
Sorry, I had no intention of sounding condescending; apologies.
Perhaps LbF was intended for non-developers, but it appears to me that many if not most people posting about issues with LbF sound quite knowledgable. Perhaps that was an ill-formed observation. In any case, we can all agree it’s frustrating right now and disappointing. Maybe if enough people switch back to their own local - or use their respective staging sites (yikes,) Flywheel might throw some more people on the project. Fingers crossed.