Local 5.2.5 update not appearing once installed

I am trying to update the Local version. I downloaded the latest 5.2.5 and installed this to my computer. When I click on the icon, nothing appears.

Hey there!

Tyler here from Flywheel Support!

Can you please provide me with a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end?

Thank you so much!

My computer had some updates, I ran that. Clicked on Local icon, it would come up. Then I reinstalled the Local again. Now I am able to see the software. When I view one of my site. I got the SSL error message when I am trying to view the site locally in a browser? I click through hopefully that was ok?

It seems much slower to load the site locally? I thought this would be much faster to use? I have been editing via online the site. Is there a way to speed things up on my end on the computer? or is this to do with the SSL not being installed locally?