Local 5.2.8: still does not support multisite upon import

There is no reaction from the development team to previous posts and there is no open bugtracker.

Local from version 5.2.x when importing a site ALWAYS changes a multisite state to NO.

Even if you create a new multisite in version 5.2.x then export it and import it back, a multisite becomes as a single site:

This is a very annoying bug, because the state of the multisite has to be changed in the Application Support / Local / sites.json file (it is not intended to be manually changed and when several sites are installed it is very difficult to understand the contents), then turn off Local and turn it on again.

I hope the development team occasionally looks at the forum and will fix not only bugs related to WP Engine

5.2.8: The problem with multisite was not solved. nobody cares.

Hey all!

Just wanted to update that we will have that fix in the next version/release of Local!

Here is a link to the bug - we are trying out a new bug board https://feedback.localwp.com/bug-reports/p/multisite-setting-is-not-properly-imported-when-importing-a-multisite-export-fro

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