Bug with importing multisite

Whenever exporting a multisite as an archive, then attempting to reimport back into Local by Flywheel, it ends up being seen as a single site (non multisite) and gets all messed up.

I am having the same problem. The conf/nginx/do-not-modify/wordpress-ms-dubdir.conf is in the site archive but it isn’t pulling it in when the site is imported. I created a Gist to quickly add the file for subdirectory installs until the issue gets resolved.

Import site from ZIP.

Quit Local Lightning.

On Linux…

Find text: multiSite

For WordPress Multisite subdirectories change “multiSite”:null -> “multiSite”:“ms-subdir”

Run Local Lightning.

In overview it shows “Multisite: Subdirectories” and it works. I can’t believe, that this is the catch.

In Local 5.x, on mac, similar to @shimsa, but file is located in Application Support:

/[your-name]/Library/Application\ Support/Local/sites.json

That file holds all the settings for all the sites. You need to find the site you are looking for. You can search for the directory name: site-name, and then after that find the multiSite setting. Something like "multiSite":null or "multiSite":"" . Change that setting to:

  • "multiSite":"ms-subdomain" → subdomain setup
  • "multiSite":"ms-subdir" → subdirectory setup

Be careful with those double tick marks, not quotation marks.

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This is still an issue in 5.2.5

Working with a multisite export, the local-site.json file is not adhered to. The main sites.json file takes precedence.

This seems like an architecturally unsound decision. Using the local-site.json file means exports (and thus imports) are self-contained, and thus these issues would not arise.

I have same problem with 5.2.5: