Local Authentication Using Touch ID (macOS)

With how often Local requests for the administrator password it would be really great if those prompts could be passed using Touch ID instead of typing the password all the time.

Wish I could do more than just give this a +1 :slight_smile:

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+1, very annoying when having to do this twice ( once for creating the site and once for trusting the SSL cert )

Looks like TouchID support will be added to Electron in 5.0. https://github.com/electron/electron/pull/16707

Does Flywheel have Electron 5.0 on it’s roadmap? If so, when and does it include TouchID support?

Hey jb510,

I’ve been looking into this and while Electron did introduce TouchID support it does not support privilege escalation which is what we need for sudo access. We’re looking into workarounds!


Why must Local ask for password every time on biometric devices? For example, Macs have had a fingerprint scanner for quite a while now, yet local asks every time for a password when other apps support asking for fingerprints.

Is it really necessary that I type my password every time?..