Local By Flywheel Stuck on "Checking System"


I used to have Local by Flywheel installed ages ago, I’m now to to reinstall it but it just hangs on a black screen with the words “Checking System” at the bottom and three pulsing dots in the middle.

Could someone please help me getting it working again?

local-by-flywheel.log (179.4 KB)
Many thanks,


Okay, got it working by downloading the VistualBox dmg and using the supplied uninstaller to clean up my machine. After that Local by Flywheel was happy again.

Hey Man! I was also facing same problem. Flywheel required Virtual area where it can create virtual area!
If you are a mac guy download Virtual Machine and then restart the flywheel and I hope it will work, because in my case it was working.
For windows guys it should also work for you!