Local by Flywheel vs Local Lightning

I have been using Local by Flywheel for quite a while and am thinking of migrating to Local Lightning.

I have both environments installed on my Windows 10 computer.

Local by Flywheel works just great.
Local Lightning gives me the error “Head-up! Local’s router is having trouble starting.” … the learn more page describes using local host rather than site domains.

I tried moving to localhost, and the error goes away, but then when I go to http://localhost/?cache-buster=1939 (or without the cashe-buster query) I get a 404 error.


Could this be because I already have the Local by Flywheel installed on the PC?

Local Lightning version: 5.2.3+2248
Local by Flywheel version: 3.3.0

By the way on a 2nd PC I have Local by Flywheel stopped working (won’t start up at all) last year and I went to Local Lightning and it works great.

Very confused.


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