Local by flywheel won't update, stuck on download

Hi there,

I am trying to update to the newest version but, it won’t finish downloading.
The download gets stuck at 578/578 MB and just stays like that.
After I press cancel and quit the app, then relaunch and try to update again, and the same thing happens.
I also launched virtual box and updated it, then tried to update local by flywheel after but same thing again.
I tried now about 4 times to update and its always the same, stuck 578/578 MB download.
Currently I am on version 2.4.3.
Any ideas how I can get it to work and update it?
I uploaded the log file
local-by-flywheel.log (44.4 KB)

Hi @robertkollar,

Thanks for the screenshot and log file. I’m not seeing anything indicative to why the update download isn’t completing.

At this point, I recommend updating manually. Here’s how you can do that: How do I manually upgrade Local?